Understand the value of your largest asset.

Small to mid-sized business owners have traditionally been forced to spend thousands of dollars and months of time receiving a business valuation. For most business owners, their business is their biggest asset. GrowGrade makes it easy for owners to know and understand what that asset is worth, and unlock insights to help strategically plan for future growth.

Benefits of a GrowGrade valuation.

  • Knowledge of Company Assets

  • Merger/Acquisition Negotiations

  • Access to Investors, Consultants, Products, Services, and More

  • Succession Planning

  • New Partners

  • Partnership Buyouts

  • Loans/Financing Options

  • Estate Tax Planning

Features beyond free, fast valuations.

Historical Financials Chart

After you get your fast and free GrowGrade valuation, you can see how your business has performed historically. View each key financial metric like revenue or expenses, and know how they impact your business valuation.

Industry Trends

Your GrowGrade profile grants access to personalized, industry-specific insights you can use to better understand where growth trends are headed, critical risk factors, employment and wage data, and other forecasts to help you in a variety of decision-making processes.

Scenario Modeling

Want to know how certain scenarios like new equipment purchases, the addition of a new partner, or a new store location will affect the value of your business? Our Scenario Modeling forecasts three years into the future showing you how your valuation is impacted by specific scenarios.

Financial Insights

See how your business stacks up against industry benchmarks with GrowGrade’s Financial Insights. Each benchmark, like net profit margin, debt to equity, return on assets, and others,  includes your industry’s average and a more detailed summary of why it matters.

Health Check

Connecting your profile to your accounting software unlocks Growgrade’s Heath Check—monthly and annual performance insights that track revenue goals, forecasted cash goals, expenses, COGS, and more.


Our GrowGrade Blog is stocked with valuable content you can use to solidify their knowledge base and make more informed business decisions.

Seriously, there’s
no catch.

GrowGrade is 100% free for any business owner. There are zero fees, hidden signup costs, or catches! You might be wondering how a GrowGrade valuation is actually free. Powered by M&T Bank, which prides itself on its commitment to small businesses, GrowGrade is designed to be a pure and simple value-add digital tool, which we hope to use to better connect with and learn from small business owners. Why? Because we believe the best way to evolve and enhance the value of our own products and services is to stay as close as possible to those who we set out to help. GrowGrade enables us to do just that.

  • The GrowGrade team at M&T Bank uses your information for the same purposes you would—to improve our products and services.


  • With your business valuation serving as a foundation, GrowGrade can help you make more informed decisions. access to a full suite of banking solutions via M&T.
    • Launch new products with an additional credit line or loan. 
    • Cover COBs with a more reward-laden business credit card. 
    • Access buyer networks if/when you’re ready to sell your business.


  • With more accurate information about your business, bank officers, accountants, CPAs, consultants, and other professionals can provide business owners with higher standards of service.

Connect your accounting to
unlock insights.

GrowGrade helps you get the most out of the information you already use on a daily basis by directly connecting with leading accounting software QuickBooks and Xero. You can link your accounting software to set up your GrowGrade account in just minutes.

Don’t use those? That’s OK!

Simply create your free GrowGrade account and we’ll walk you through the quick and easy steps to receiving your accurate business valuation. After creating your profile, you can begin the valuation process with just one year of financial data. The only difference is that to have your unlocked insights, growth rate potential, and other dynamic features updated, you’ll need to manually update your financial information annually.