Know the value of your business and how to grow it.

98% of all business owners don’t know the value of their business.* Do you? GrowGrade gives you that information and then some—for free—with our quick and accurate business valuations. Sign-up today to gain a deeper understanding of your business’s ongoing performance and relevant insights to help it grow.

Underlining business growth through underlying value.

Why get a GrowGrade valuation?

A GrowGrade valuation gives you the value of your business without the large upfront expense, helping you make more informed decisions and run your business more effectively. For example, if your business is worth less than you had expected, a quick and free GrowGrade valuation today can help you strategize growth over the next few years before taking next steps to sell.

Link your accounting software for simplified onboarding and enhanced features.

GrowGrade helps you get the most out of the information you already use on a daily basis by directly connecting with leading accounting softwares QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks. You can link your accounting software to set up your GrowGrade account in just minutes, and have all the required financial info entered automatically.

Don’t use those? That’s OK!

Simply create your free GrowGrade account and we’ll walk you through the quick and easy steps to receiving your accurate business valuation. After creating your free account, you’ll just need to provide GrowGrade with a few financials regarding your business. From there, you’ll have access to the core features of GrowGrade to help you achieve more goals and make more informed decisions.

We win when you win.

That’s how we keep our valuations free. At GrowGrade, we believe in the democratization of knowledge. We also believe in the power of building mutual trust. We grow and succeed together as you use our free solutions to help your business operate more efficiently, thereby increasing its value. By helping businesses grow into their full potential, we know that when you are in need of financial products or are prepared to sell your business, you can rely on consulting and finance experts at GrowGrade to make it all happen.

Meet GrowGrade

GrowGrade insights and guidance.

Our mission is to see your business succeed. Navigating its future can be difficult without an insightful partner to rely on. GrowGrade helps business owners make the most informed decisions possible with relevant industry insights like these.

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Need more reasons

to go with GrowGrade?

With GrowGrade, business owners no longer have to pay thousands of dollars just to know what their business is worth today and how to best grow it in the future. Instead, business owners receive accurate valuations through GrowGrade along with access to real-time performance metrics, consulting, and a clearer understanding of how their businesses can become more successful.

Know your full growth potential.

Establish an accurate baseline value from which to design a full growth plan with marketing objectives, revenue goals, and new business strategies.

Have a plan to sell when you’re ready.

Once you make the decision to sell your business, a master plan could take five years or more to execute. Use your GrowGrade valuation to assess the financial health of your business and use that data to inform your plan to sell.

Know your business’s score. See its value soar.

Your valuation is free, accurate, and only a few minutes away. Don’t wait any longer to know what your business is worth today and how to increase that value for the days, years, and decades to come.